Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have water coming into my basement?
  • Where is the water coming in at? (Window well, walls or is it coming up through the basement floor?)
  • How much water is coming in? (Would you say it's coming in at a rate of an inch an hour, more, less?)
  • Is your Sump Pump working properly?
  • How long has this been going on?
  • Is Your basement flooded?
It could be one of several different problems:
  • You have a broken waterline
  • Your Sump Pump needs to be replaced
  • Your Drain Tile is plugged up
  • Your downspouts are not discharging far enough away from the house so water is running back down inside your basement
  • Your property is not pitched properly so rainwater is running back towards your house

I can smell sewer gas coming from my basement, what does this mean?
  • Do you have sewage backing up into your basement?
  • Check your floor drain, do you see any liquid at all?
  • Is the smell stronger near a washing machine?
Possible Answers:
  • Your sewer pipe could be clogged or broken
  • Your floor drain could be dry
  • Try pouring a couple gallons of clear water down the drain and see if this helps the smell

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Randy Veeser